About kit return.com

kit return.com works on all of your kit!

Memory sticks
MP3 player

Portable electronics; MP3 players, tablets & more


Photography equipment; cameras, lens covers, tripods & accessories

Travel card

Travel cards

Underwater camera

Underwater cameras, torches


Notebooks, notepads

Mobile phone

Mobile phones, smart phones

Hard case

Cases & luggage


Musical instruments

Water bottle

Bicycle accessories – water bottles, lights, tyre pumps

Work security pass

Everyday items; company security pass, umbrellas, wallets, passports & keys


Sports equipment; hockey sticks, ski poles and even snorkels

DIY tools

Tools – DIY & trade

Sure, but how does it work?

kit return.com creates short, unique codes (like kit return.com/RE87A6) that you display prominently on your kit.

You can buy packs of our very nice kit return.com stickers, each sticker containing a different code. If you prefer, you can get free codes to write on your kit or print on your own stickers.

If someone finds your kit

If you lose your kit and it ends up in the hands of an honest finder, they can visit the kit return.com website and enter the code that you have proudly displayed on your kit.

They get shown a page that lets them send you a message telling you that they've found your kit and letting you know how to contact them.

We send the message to you as an email and (optionally) a text message to your phone. You and the finder then figure out how to get your kit back to you.

How can I get some stickers?

That's easy, you can buy them in packs of 6 from the buy stickers page on this website.

How large are the stickers?

Each sticker is 48mm wide by 11mm tall, with a 2mm radius on each corner (That's approximately 1.9 inches by 0.43 inches for those of you who don't speak metric).

Small enough to be versatile, large enough to be easily noticed.

Sticker outline

What if I have something really small?

No problem, as kit return.com stickers are nice and thin and very easy to cut with scissors to smaller sizes.

How can I get the latest news?

We're glad you asked! Follow on Twitter for news and updates.

For even more information, you can also .

My privacy is important!

Our privacy is important too, which is why we promise never to sell or give your email address or mobile phone number to anyone. We don't even give them to a person who sends you a message about your lost kit as our computers act as the messenger, forwarding the message to your email inbox and mobile phone.

For more details please check out the kit return.com terms of service and privacy policy.