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The following kit code has been generated for you to use with your kit:

To use it, please enter a short description for your kit below.

The description of this kit that will be used in any message about it.
You can rename it later if you need to.

The next page lets you create an account with kit, telling us how to contact you if anyone finds an item of your kit with this link on it and wants to let you know.

How should I use it?

You will need to display this kit code on your kit.

You can write it by hand with a marker pen, or print it out on a label or sticker. We recommend adding some helpful text as well, to give a finder a nudge in the right direction. Something like this:

if found please go to kit

If your kit has the space and you're feeling fancy, you could include a QR code:

if found please go to kit QR Code

Once you've registered, kit will let you access printable versions of these designs.