I have a sticker

If you have a kit return.com sticker, and some kit to stick it to then you're ready to get started!

To begin, enter the six character sticker code from the sticker and a short description of the kit you're going to stick this sticker to.

The six character code on the sticker that follows kit return.com/.
The description of this kit that will be used in any message about it.
You can rename it later if you need to.

The next page lets you create an account with kit return.com, telling us how to contact you if anyone finds this kit and wants to let you know.

Sticker tips

As with all stickers, kit return.com stickers work best when they're stuck to a smooth, clean surface.

Please remember this when deciding what to stick them on!

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about kit return.com, check out the home page and the about page.

What else?

If have some kit (or anything else) that is just not sticker compatible you can get a free link to use however you like.